Scaled Score Report

The Scaled Score report provides a snapshot of individual student performance on a test. Color-coding on the report output indicates the performance band achieved by each student.

In addition, the report includes a summary table and pie chart displaying the number and percentage of students in each proficiency band.

Run the Report

To generate this report, do the following:

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Reports.

  2. Expand the Pre-Built Reports section, and then expand the Score Reports section.

  3. Click Scaled Score Report. The Scaled Score Report page opens.

  4. Select the following options to filter and run the report: (Required)

Note: If you selected an option from the Group list, the Roster Year is taken from the selected group and cannot be changed.

  1. Define the following optional filters, as needed:

      • Demographics: To define a demographic filter for the report, click Add Filters, select a filter from the first list, and then select a filter value from the second list. For example, you could select Language Fluency as the filter, and English Only as the filter value. Only students matching your filter will be included in the report.

Note: You can define multiple demographic filters, as needed. If you do so, the filters are joined with an "AND," meaning that only students to which all the filters apply are included on the report.

  1. Click Run the Report. The report is generated.

For more information on printing, exporting, or working with the report after generation, see "Work with Reports."

Report Output

From the generated report, you can do the following: