Import Test Scores

Currently, scores from standardized tests are entered in Pinnacle SIS manually on the Test Scores tab on the Students page. Soon, schools will be able to import test results from test publishers and scoring companies. In the meantime, schools can write their own import utility and integration service to import standardized test data.

Each type of test is provided in a particular format, usually a CD or DVD, or a data download over the Internet. For now, you will use your own import utility and integration service to import this test score data, match it to the correct students, and then parse and store the test results. Your import utility must be able to parse each format into the StudentNRT database table.

The StudentNRT database table (shown below) stores the Norm-Referenced Test data. The Norm-Referenced Test data are the values that are displayed on the Test Scores tab on the Students page.


The table below describes the columns to which you map National and State standardized test results.

Column name


Possible value

Student ID

Student IDs from your legacy SIS or from the test publisher as mapped to the student ID convention used in your school.



The date the scores are imported.


Test Name

The name of the state or national test.


Subtest Name

A subsection of the larger test or a one-off subject area that is an adjunct test to the main test.

Math (SAT)

Reading (SAT)

Writing (SAT)

Composite (ACT)

Test Date

The date the student took the test.


Include on transcript

Do you want scores printed on student transcripts?

1 = Yes

0 = No


The results of the tests.



Do you want users to be able to modify student test scores?

1 = Yes

0 = No (recommended)


The name of the test from which the test scores originated.