Navigating Pinnacle Gradebook

Pinnacle Gradebook is a web-based application that runs within a browser such as Windows® Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®, Mozilla Firefox®, or Apple Safari®. The Recommended Internet Browsers topic describes which internet browsers Pinnacle Gradebook currently supports.

Pinnacle Gradebook Navigation Tools

There are two main tools available for navigating within Pinnacle Gradebook.

Browser Navigation Buttons

You can navigate within Pinnacle Gradebook by using browser navigation buttons, but this is discouraged because some browser buttons can cause you to leave the application.

Session Expiration

For security reasons, Pinnacle Gradebook automatically signs you out of the application after a select period of inactivity. You are then required to reenter your credential on the Sign In page. This prevents others from accessing your gradebook on an unattended system. When your session is about to expire, an Inactivity Notice popup appears. This notification allows you to renew, or sign out of your session.